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The Saint, visiting in London, is tipped off by a friend in the British Intelligence, that there appears to something fishy going on regarding the representative of a foreign government who is in London arranging for the printing of paper currency for his country. A gang of crooks are trying to force the agent to give an additional order for the printing of millions in bank notes which are to be turned over to them. Fearing that The Saint is getting to close to their scheme, they kidnap his friend, Penny Parker, and are holding her hostage until The Saing turns over an incrimination document stolen from the home of the master-mind criminal.
The Saint, newly back in London, is tipped by a friend in the Secret Service to a mystery involving one Bruno Lang, seemingly a Society card-sharp, but really involved in a plot to print and pass a million pounds worth of foreign currency. Also involved are various sinister characters; innocent victim Count Duni; the Saint's attractive admirer Penny Parker; and his old nemesis Inspector Teal.
Back in his native London after his American adventures, Simon Templar (aka The Saint) is drawn into a mystery on the tip-off of a friend in the British Secret Service. The Saint investigates one Bruno Lang, apparently a member of polite society but also up to his neck in a plot involving the printing and illegal distribution of millions of pounds worth of foreign currency. The Saint investigates and finds himself drawn into a complex and dangerous affair with few people to trust outside of his street-smart valet Dugan, a former guest of Sing-Sing Prison.<br/><br/>Having just watched the much better Saint in New York I must confess that I was only disappointed by the fact that The Saint films immediately stepped back from the dark, cruel edge of the original and became just another b-movie series with a suave character solving crimes – in fact the presence of Sanders in the title role made it even harder to tell it apart from the Falcon series (which is essentially an extension of The Saint after RKO fell out with Charteris). The plot here is so-so and is the first of the film&#39;s failings. Of course I say failings suggesting that it is a major problem which of course, as a b-movie, it isn&#39;t really. The story is run-of-the-mill but still just about does enough to hold the interest without doing much special or out of the ordinary.<br/><br/>Sanders may well do suave really well but I couldn&#39;t help notice how very dull he was compared to the much more interesting turn from Louis Hayward. That said he does well enough for fans of the series and he does play the smooth matinée idol pretty well, although I wish he had given the Saint at least a little bit of an edge to show his criminal roots. The support cast are mostly reasonably good, or at least up to the standard of the series. Burns is good in the reoccurring role (in this series and The Falcon) of wise-cracking sidekick; McLeod is OK as Teal while Oscar, Abbott and a few others make good bad guys. Gray is reasonably good as the love interest.<br/><br/>Overall a solid entry in the series that will please fans but do little to please others. Acting, plotting and directing are all squarely in b-movie territory and none of them ever threaten to break out of the genre to produce something more memorable – a shame considering the promise shown in the very first film in the series.
The third in RKO&#39;s series about Simon Templar, aka The Saint, wonderfully played by the charming George Sanders. This one has The Saint battling counterfeiters while dealing with a rich girl who wants in on the action. David Burns plays an American pickpocket who acts as the Saint&#39;s sidekick. Presumably someone thought the contrast between Burns&#39; &quot;dem mugs&quot; Dugan and Sanders&#39; eloquent and sophisticated Simon Templar would be funny. It is amusing for a minute then Burns wears out his welcome. Ralph Truman and Henry Oscar are formidable foes for our hero. Presumably because of the London setting, Jonathan Hale&#39;s Inspector Fernack is absent in this one. He&#39;s missed. Inspector Teal is the English equivalent, played by Gordon McLeod. He would return in the later Saint films starring Hugh Sinclair. Anything with Sanders is worth watching but this is one of my least favorite Saint films. It&#39;s slow-going and not terribly compelling.

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